Acting Our Age 2020

Still Acting Our Age: The 2020 Edition

In February of 2020, a new Acting Our Age project w
th a new group began. After three weeks of in-person meetings, the Covid-19 virus created a national lockdown that moved the project, like everything else in the world, into the Zoom-sphere. Creators and participants were undaunted ("We don't want to be quitters!"), and even though they barely knew each other, they continued to meet online weekly, finding a way to engage and to document this once-in-a-lifetime event.

In the Acting Our Age series, groups of people create a 'living quilt from their life stories. As they work together, they find that their stories also tell bigger, common stories of resilience. The 2020 cohort didn't have to look far to find that. 
The project isn't only about Covid, but that naturally became the focus. These two videos give a look inside the early phases from March to June 2020.

Participants talk about their experience
A look behind the scenes (8 minutes)
with Steve Baldon, Cheri Furr, George Groninger, Dick Metzler
and co-creators Lyndall Hare and Steve Umberger

Reading and discussion of rough draft script
Below is an 18 minute compilation of a two hour meeting.
with Steve Baldon, Cheri Furr, George Groninger, Dick Metzler, Tom Scott
and co-creators Lyndall Hare and Steve Umberger

The video below contains excerpts from a two hour session of an early readthrough of a script created from the participants' writings and discussions, followed by clips from a group discussion. This team remained committed to the project even in a pandemic and found new potential in working virtually. There is, of course, much more material than appears in these videos, but these excerpts give a glimpse into the extensive process and its fellowship.

Participants in the 2020 project also included Beverly Brown, Esther Groninger, and David Wright.