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Acting Our Age
Voices of the Times
About the series 2018-2024
In 2018-2019, seven people ages 73-95 volunteered to meet over 15 months to create a theatre event and a film from the stories of their lives and the history they helped make through the Great Depression, the Civil Rights era, and four wars. The event started the Acting Our Age series, which has since had three more editions in this project that tells the stories of the people involved, as well as the bigger story of the collective experience. Acting Our Age has also inspired the creation of a new series, Telling the Times. See the links for more.

Acting Our Age Series 
One Century in Seven Voices (2019)
Voices of the Pandemic (2021)
Using Our Voices (2022)

Created by Lyndall Hare and Steve Umberger with the casts 
Director Steve Umberger   
Director of Photography Jay Thomas / Music & Sound Design Fred Story
Stage productions sponsored by Aldersgate  
A non profit life plan community
Productions and event films produced by The Works

Each AOA edition is 60-120 minutes long.
Each project has its own group, which defines the story being told.

Watch the series "inside look" featuring 30 members of the 
Aldersgate community, and scroll for more information/links.

Acting Our Age was developed by The Works to celebrate the stories of individual lives in historical context. (Sponsored by Aldersgate, a non-profit life plan community)

Acting Our Age gallery 2018-2022
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Photos: Jay Thomas
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"The collaboration between theatre director and gerontologist turns decades of memories into a collective whole." 
Observer (feature) 

"This is an example of how we can save the world - conversations, empathy, engagement."  
Audience member Beth Monaghan

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Southpark Magazine 2022 The Silent Generation Speaks

The Biscuit 2022 Silents Speak Out

Read the Using Our Voices program online.

Acting Our Age casts / Aldersgate residents
June Connerton, Betty Cowan, Dot Horne, George Moffat, Andie Payet, Bob Payet, Norman Pollock, Steve Baldon, Sondra Cooney, Tom Dunton, Cheri Furr, Lynn Lau, Melvin Dwight McIntosh, Jan Valder Offerman, Joal Fischer, Kathy Habel, Deborah Langsam, Dick Metzler, Lou Mitchell, Molly Mitchell, Brenda Schleunes

Watch all the individual Acting Our Age trailers

Acting Our Age stage productions: Blumenthal Performing Arts and Spirit Square Arts Center

More information coming soon about the new Acting Our Age project and film 2024

More coming soon about the new related series for 2025
Telling the Times
Life in first person

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Acting Our Age productions and films produced by The Playworks Group