Call Me By My Name

 From 2018 to 2021, a group of people who have experienced homelessness met weekly to create this stage-and-film project and 2023 documentary, about life on the street with some of those who have been there.    

Call Me By My Name
A  stage and film documentary about the creativity of the unhoused community
Developed with First United Methodist Church

Director Steve Umberger   
Director of Photography Jay Thomas
Music Fred Story  Assistant Stage Director Mark Sutton
Cast: Scott Anderson, Belinda Hunter, Paul Lessard, Hilda Mojica, Mary Subach, Christina C. Williams

After three years of work (including during the pandemic), the rough film had several private development screenings and was then completed in 2023.

 "When looking at the issue of poverty, it is easy to dehumanize the voices of those walking that very experience. But as we see in Call Me By My Name, they have the best insight into solutions."  
Kelly McRell, FUMC staff member 

"The experience has been profoundly positive - one that has cultivated growth socially, creatively and consciously." 
Pitkin, QC Nerve (feature)

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Call Me By My Name is made possible in part by a 2021 NC Humanities ARP Humanities Project Support Grant (

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Program development made possible by a Vitality Grant, a Justice and Reconciliation Grant of the United Methodist Church, the financial support of First United Methodist Church, and donations from the general public. Call Me By My Name is a collaboration between First United Methodist Church and The Playworks Group

Call Me By My Name grew out of StreetsmARTs, a program of First United Methodist Church, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization (Val Rosenquist, Senior Pastor). The goal is to develop and expand StreetsmARTs. Donations are welcome at FUMC, 501 N. Tryon St., Charlotte NC, or online at (StreetsmARTs option)

Photography: William Guerrant, Jay Thomas