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Call Me By My Name (2023)
Directed by Steve Umberger
Director of Photography Jay Thomas 
Developed through the StreetsmARTs Program
Produced by The Works

 ~ A film about the creativity of the unhoused community ~
Developed 2018-2022

Call Me By My Name is the recipient of a 2021 development grant from the N.C. Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The film is dedicated to lighting designer Eric Winkenwerder. 

Acting Our Age (2018-2022)
A series with people whose lives show how history was made
One Century in Seven Voices (2019)
Voices of the Pandemic (2021)
Using Our Voices (2022)

Stage productions and films developed 2018-2023
Directed by Steve Umberger
Project created by Lyndall Hare, Steve Umberger
Stage productions and films produced by The Works
Stage productions sponsored by Aldersgate

Each Acting Our Age project is developed over the course of 8-15 months.

New Acting Our Age production and film 2024 / More information coming soon

New series 2025 Telling the Times

Full house at the original Acting Our Age

For more about Acting Our Age and Call Me By My Name visit their pages on this site.

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