Playworks is a project-based production company formed to develop and produce work for stage and film, often focusing on projects that broaden perspective on local and global communities. With a team of professional staff and artists, Playworks has produced, co-produced and toured plays, festivals of new work, and arts and education film/video projects.

Current stage and film projects:

Call Me By My Name
A stage and film documentary about living without a home, developed 
with and featuring those who have experienced it (See more)

Acting Our Age
A stage and film documentary developed with seven people ages
73-95 whose lives tell a story of America during the past century (More)  

For more information about the film of Acting Our Age and the documentary Call Me By My Name please email us here.

Production activity is suspended. We will keep you posted on developments and look forward to seeing you again.

We join in support of the African American community and all those who experience systemic prejudice, violence, and lack of representation. We honor the life of George Floyd and acknowledge that his death is a symbol of the many who came before him. The arts have always provided a unique opportunity to explore and interpret the world, and we will continue to find ways to reevaluate the priorities through which work is created, knowing that it will first take a time of listening to understand.

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