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The Christians by Lucas Hnath

What do you believe? Why do you believe it? And what would you sacrifice for those beliefs? Those questions drive this provocative new play. Set in a megachurch in today's America, this compelling story revolves around a pastor who challenges his congregation with a new definition of faith that they could never have predicted. Critics around the country, from New York to San Francisco to Dallas to Charleston, have raved about this unique play's ability to represent all points of view, including the unaffiliated.

"This is that rare play about religion that both believers and non-believers can embrace."
Los Angeles Times 

Produced by The Playworks Group in association with The Pine Hill Project
September 13 - October 1, 2017  Booth Playhouse / Blumenthal Performing Arts Center

You Are Here  (Festival Stage Series)

Does a populist time call for a populist theatre? - and who would that theatre serve? You Are Here©  is a festival of events about what it means to be  populist, elite, liberal, conservative, native, immigrant - in short, an American in the 21st century. The staged readings, lectures, events and collaborations are also the subjects for  discussions with actors, audiences, and leaders with experience in the subject matter. We look forward to the community conversation with everyone who is thinking about where we've been, where we are, and what happens next.

Please check back for more about dates and details for the Festival Stage developmental series. (Image: Melbourne street art; TravelWell)

Lunch at the Piccadilly

Based on the best-selling novel and N.Y. Times Notable Book of the same name by Clyde Edgerton, Lunch at the Piccadilly is a musical about changing the world - one rocking chair at a time. With songs by Drama Desk Award winner and Red Clay Rambler Mike Craver, the show has been developed in four productions, in the Festival Stage series, and at the York Theatre in N.Y. The latest production, sponsored by Aldersgate at Blumenthal Performing Arts, was an unusual partnership for independent production. With a staff of 60, the project included programs about aging creatively. Piccadilly is also available for licensing.

"It's about people who aren't waiting to die, but continuing to live to the very end. It is a play of small movements, but of big ideals and heart."
Up and Coming Magazine

What You Will

In this unusual and thought-provoking new comedy by Wendy Hammond, inspired by Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and  commissioned by Davidson College, we are backstage at The First Annual World Interfaith Conference for Peace, where six volunteers are spending spring break. The six interns from leading U.S. colleges are all of different faiths (or lack of them) including Muslim, Mormom, Jewish, agnostic and atheist. They've all gathered with the hope of creating a new world - but first they must confront the real one.

Hammond's plays have been produced by Second Stage, SoHo Rep, Actor's Theatre of Louisville, Long Wharf, and others. She holds an MFA from NYU, and an M.Div. from Yale Divinity School.

In development following readings and staged readings:

Stone Cold
David Wiltse's play about arriving at the intersection of love, art, and commerce, after its first reading in the Festival Stage series. Wiltse is the author of 12 novels and 14 plays including Doubles on Broadway.

Angus MacLachlan's play based on the true incident of a woman who jumped from a bridge while a crowd looked on; MacLachlan is the author of many plays and the films Junebug with Amy Adams, Stone with Robert DeNiro, and Goodbye to All That and Abundant Acreage Available, also directed by MacLachlan

Pictured: first reading of David Wiltse's "Stone Cold" at the Festival Stage Visiting Playwright Series, with Michael Huie, Amy DaLuz, Mary McCool (and standing) Wiltse, Steve Umberger

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