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The Christians: Jonavan Adams, Chandler McIntyre, Brian
Robinson, Graham Smith, April C. Turner, Choir (2017)

"...A potential bridge in these polarized times for meet somewhere in the middle."
Observer (Funk), The Christians  Read full article

"A fast moving production that leaves breathing space...The 15 voice choir proves a tremendous asset."
Observer (Toppman), The Christians by Lucas Hnath (Playworks at Blumenthal, 2017)  Read full review

"...The impact of a production like this reminds us how important a professional theatre can be in the life of a city." 
Broadway World (Tannenbaum), The Christians  Read full review

Lunch at the Piccadilly: Mary Mossberg, Mike Craver, Trip
Plymale, Rebecca Koon, Patricia Cucco, Greg King (2015)

"The musical doesn't shy away from truths about old folks. It puts us inside their heads with gentle and broad wit and a tougher kind of wisdom. ...The cast performs in harmony throughout, musically and emotionally."
Observer, Lunch at the Piccadilly (Playworks at Blumenthal; sponsored by Aldersgate)  Read full review

Finding Donis Anne by Hal Corley: Willie Stratford Jr. and Chris Stacy

"Finding Donis Anne is a difficult play to produce. Not another company in town could bring to it what Playworks does in this regional premiere...(The play) crawls right under the viewer's skin to breed compassion and empathy for the characters. For those who are up to the challenge, there is much more to be found here than Donis Anne."
Observer, Finding Donis Anne by Hal Corley

"Underneath the rollicking patter there's an intricate, finely crafted plot as subtle and truthful as Chekhov. Kith and Kin is a double-barreled attack to the gut. It's nice to know that a fledgling script with so much richness is being nurtured here."
Break, Kith and Kin by Oliver Hailey (Regional Premiere)

Kith and Kin by Oliver Hailey: Graham Smith and Scott Sowers

"Hard-bitten and hilarious.....Kith and Kin will be remembered as one of the gutsiest, funniest plays of the season."  
Observer, Kith and Kin 

"A performance that sticks with you long after you've left the theatre....Although the women in the audience may laugh a little more knowingly, the themes of self-respect, inner freedom, and fulfilling your heart's desire have universal appeal."
Press Journal, Shirley Valentine, Playworks at Riverside Theatre, FL (Resident & touring)

"With a glimmer of romance and a hint of redemption, this one-woman show is both funny and wistful. Shirley shares the story of her evolution with an audience eager to empathize, sympathize, and cheer for her."  
ArtSavant, Shirley Valentine

Open Season by Michael McKeever: Graham Smith, Scott Helm, Rebecca Koon

"Lots of fun, delivered with lots of class."
Creative Loafing, Open Season by Michael McKeever, Playworks at Spirit Square (Regional premiere)

"If ever a play were a necessity of life, it's this taut word-play about war, writing, flying, and death. It doesn't just entertain, it also elevates.This is a play about why people go on living even though we know we are going to die."
Observer, Some Things That Can Go Wrong at 35,000 Feet by John Orlock (Premiere) Playworks at Spirit Square

"Playworks' projects are liberally spiced with theatrical insight, personal experience, and commercial promise." 
Creative Loafing

Husbandry: Dean Whitworth, Jerry Colbert; stage/film project (ASC Emerging Artist Grant)

"The weeklong festival represents a rare opportunity for Inman to refine a script in collaboration with talented stage artists. Inman says, 'The actors, the director, and the audience all teach you. My job is to shut up and listen." 
- Novelist/playwright Bob Inman, in an Observer feature and interview about working on his play in the Thinking in Pictures new script festival

The Gospel Hill company during Thinking in Pictures

Thinking in Pictures
A festival of film scripts in development; a collaboration with The Light Factory:
Anita Bryant Died for Your Sins by Brian Christopher Williams
Dairy Queen Days by Bob Inman
Gospel Hill by Jeff Stacy
Sponsored in part by Rockwell Foundation and Wesley Mancini Foundation

After the festival, Gospel Hill was made into a feature film with Danny Glover and Angela Bassett. Among other new play "graduates," Starstruck  by Judy Simpson Cook received its world premiere at Flat Rock Playhouse, and Brush the Summer By by Hal Corley premiered at Adirondack Theatre Festival. 

Rebecca Koon as Shirley Valentine, resident and touring
 About some of the writers

Brian Christopher Williams received the L.A. Drama Critics Circle Award, and his work has also been produced by Actors Theatre of Louisville. Hal Corley's work has been seen at theatres nationwide from Seattle Rep to Syracuse Stage, DC's Source Theatre and Walnut Street Theatre in  Philadelphia. Judy Simpson Cook's plays have been performed at many theatres, including Piccolo Spoleto Festival, Charlotte Rep, and Flat Rock Playhouse. Bob Inman is the author of five novels, seven stage plays, and screenplays for six films, two of them Hallmark Hall of Fame presentations. Michael McKeever is a founding member of Miami's award-winning Zoetic Stage, and has received five Carbonell Awards.

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