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Cast and director talk about working on The Christians (Editor: Jay Thomas/Jaytopia)

The Christians: "Catch on Fire," soloist: Isaiah Bell (Editor: Jay Thomas/Jaytopia)

(The Christians produced by The Playworks Group in association with The Pine Hill Project)

Lunch at the Piccadilly
Below, the best selling author and playwright talks about the stage adaptation of his novel.

On the Air

Playworks' projects have been featured through in-depth interviews with host Mike Collins on WFAE Public Radio. Follow the links below to listen to some of the archives.

Author Clyde Edgerton, Director Steve Umberger and Aldersgate's Tim Rogers talk about the production.

Actor April C. Turner, Director Steve Umberger, and pastor Val Rosenquist talk about The Christians. (The interview is the second segment, starting at 30:00.)

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