Company members with Davidson College students 
Education and Special Events

Playworks' projects are often catalysts for additional education efforts inspired by the plays, stories and events. The production of Lunch at the Piccadilly has helped create a conversation about aging and caregiving. It also resulted in a 10% sales increase for its sponsor. The education aspects of the production of A Midsummer Night's Dream involved thousands of students, providing a unique, live experience that promotes teamwork and enhances theatre training as well as the study of literature. The production of Open Season offered a work/study for theatre majors to partner with professional artists in all aspects of production. Many performances are followed by discussions, further exploring the story's connection to everyday life. Playworks seeks new ways to find each project's relevance for its audience, as well as innovative ways to collaborate with production sponsors.

Cirque du Soleil's Karl Baumann trains students during Dream

Thousands of students (3,000 in the latest production alone) were
involved with Dream onstage, backstage and in the classroom.

"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience my students had. They were so excited after seeing the play that they wanted to study more Shakespeare! Thank you so much for offering this opportunity."
Beth Woodward, South Caldwell High School

"Well, this is the first time that not one of my students said he did not enjoy the play. Thank you for providing students with an opportunity to see Shakespeare as it was intended to be enjoyed - on a stage with live actors."
Connie Rafferty, Bishop McGuinness High School

The six month Piccadilly project was also the catalyst for intergenerational programs.

Post-show Piccadilly talk with authors Clyde Edgerton, Mike Craver, director and cast

"The talkback provided an amazing bonus. The musical and talkback sparked so many valuable conversations."
Nancy Culp

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever see a musical about assisted living. It's fun and real and sensitively presented. We often forget to look at our older loves ones as the heroes they really are. Well done!"
Andi Reese, performer, gerontologist, and Medicare counselsor

Private kickoff event at Aldersgate ccrc, production sponsor for Lunch at the Piccadilly

Aldersgate's Tim Rogers and Steve Umberger
talk with WBT's Kristen Miranda about Piccadilly.

"Aldersgate's sponsorship of Piccadilly transformed our presence in the region. It
gave our community great market distinction, and in creating the project with Playworks we elevated our standing as a leading voice for elders."
Tim Rogers, Director of Mission Advancement, Aldersgate

Clyde Edgerton (second from right) at the Piccadilly opening.
Edgerton has been deeply involved in Piccadilly's outreach.

Photos: production of Lunch at the Piccadilly at Booth Playhouse/Blumenthal Arts, and Aldersgate photo: Donna Bise; Production of Dream with NC Shakespeare Festival photos: Nyghtfalcon; WBTV interview photo: Kathy Rowan

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