"Thank you for holding up a mirror and asking us 'why you believe what you believe.'"
Audience member Rick Norwood, attending the play 'The Christians'

Projects often provide additional opportunities to connect with artists and audiences. Here are a few:  

"Call Me By My Name" drew full houses for performances and TalkBacks (2019-2022).

"What an unbelievable experience! We were in awe of every word, expression, and graphic we saw and heard. Bravo!"   
Audience member Cricket Weston at "Call Me By My Name" (stage and film documentary)

Some of the 23 choir members in "The Christians" (2017)

"Being part of a diverse choir that depicts us all makes me proud. Hopefully those who see it will feel the same."
Lydia Diaz, choir member in "The Christians"

The choir onstage in "The Christians"

"I was grateful for this play, and I found that I have lived as almost every character in it."
Bishop Tonyia Rawls, one of the 12 guest clergy at TalkBacks for "The Christians"

"Thank you for demonstrating the vibrant and creative lives of these seven people. Their stories were funny, poignant and humbling. A masterpiece."    
Chris McLeod, Director, OLLI at Duke University (about "Acting Our Age" 2020)

Lyndall Hare, Steve Umberger and cast of "Acting Our Age"

"This is an example of how we can save the world - conversations, empathy, engagement.
Acting Our Age audience member Beth Monaghan

Cirque du Soleil's Karl Baumann trains students during 'Dream.' 

"Thank you for providing students with the opportunity to see Shakespeare as it was intended - on stage with live actors."
Connie Rafferty, Bishop McGuinness High School

"The TalkBack provided an amazing bonus. The musical and TalkBack sparked so many valuable conversations."
Nancy Culp

Author Clyde Edgerton signs books for the audience.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever see a musical about assisted living. It's fun and real and sensitively presented. We often forget to look at our older loves ones as the heroes they really are. Well done!"
Andi Reese, performer, gerontologist, and Medicare counselsor

"Aldersgate's sponsorship of Piccadilly transformed our presence in the region. It gave us great market distinction in a city with significant competition. Through our work with Playworks, we elevated our standing as a leading voice."
Tim Rogers, Director of Mission Advancement, Aldersgate

Photos: Donna Bise, Jay Thomas, Kathy Rowan, Amanda Delgadillo

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